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Laptop, iPad, Tablet and PC Rental

How Our Pricing Works: All   of   our   devices   have   an   initial   payment,   a   monthly   rental   price   and   a   24   month   contract.   To   rent   a   product   simply   call   us   on   0800   246 1469.   We   will   require   2   forms   of   identification,   either   a   passport   or   driving   licence,   plus   a   utility   bill   and   the   initial   payment   will   need   to   be paid by either debit or credit card. You have a choice of 2 monthly rental charges… Our standard monthly rental charge is extremely competitive and offers great flexibility with options to suit everyone. Our   discounted   rental   charge   is   often   cheaper   than   buying   your   device   outright   and   available   to   clients   who   switch   their   Home   Phone   and Broadband service to our preferred supplier*. Visit our Products Page  to see examples of items available and their standard and discounted rental charges. As   a   computer   company   we   study   the   Broadband   market   constantly   and   will   always   ensure   that   the   Broadband   we   recommend   is excellent value and suites your need. Switching is simple we will arrange everything. All you’ll need to do is pay less for your phone and broadband. With Our Current Deal You’ll get…. The UK’s lowest line rental - saving you £42.00 each year - £16.50 per month as opposed to BT’s £19.99 and SKY’s £18.99 Guaranteed savings on all of your calls - Save 33% on local and national calls and up to 47% on mobile calls FREE  Evening and Weekend calls or Free 24/7 calls available from just £3.00 FREE unlimited calls to other users Unlimited Data Broadband - You choose between standard and ultra fast fibre Recommended by Which magazine Plus - Save up to £120.00 per year on your Rental Charge *Call us on 0800 246 1469 for full details of our superb Home Phone and Broadband offer…
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